Cypriot Fashionista

Today my lovely Cypriot friend asked me to take pictures of her. As you guys don’t know her, here’s one thing you have to know- she hates having pictures taken of her! So I happily agreed to shoot her and it was so much fun. Here’s a photo she allowed me to upload, isn’t she gorgeous?

Love, Marie


Hometown Glory



Believe me, I love studying in the UK but I need to be honest: Home does have its perks. Good food, the family home instead of student accommodation, friends and of course: the dog. To be fair, my dog is probably No°1 on the list of things I miss most about home. Having her lie next to me while I’m studying, watching TV or hanging out with friends simply has something relaxing and reassuring that it hard to describe. Not to sound like a complete freak I’m gonna stop talking now about my little lab and let you enjoy the photos I took whilst I was home a few weeks ago. Have a lovely Sunday night, xx



Happy Sunday


Hello lovelies,

It’s Sunday and that means a lie in, good food, online shopping and dreaming away. I will be moving to Paris soon and so I allowed myself to think of the perfect apartment. For all of you who don’t know, houses and apartments in Paris are incredibly so I will probably (ok, let’s face it-most definitely) end up in already furbished student accommodation. Not so luxurious and pretty but oh well. It definitely didn’t stop me from looking at some nice furniture I would love to have one day in my own apartment.. Go ahead and enjoy, feel free to tell me about your favourite design pieces or furniture!

Have a great Sunday, xx



Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe

Shoes are a necessity. It’s not even me being overly girly, you simply need them, especially in a country where it’s raining 99% of the time. So when I went shopping the other day I found this lovely pair in Steve Madden’s store.


They are not only super comfy but also keep me warm on cold and windy days. While I first doubted my purchase (unfortunately, they were quite expensive) I am now madly in love with them and would never give them back!

Love, the shoe fanatic

English Skies


This is indeed rare here in the north of England but when we do get to see such a pretty sunset it seems even more special! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week ahead. As for me, it will be dominated by work and work and even more work. The perks of being a student I guess! Only 6 more weeks and then it’s Easter break- we can do it!

♡ Marie

A lazy Sunday

Student life can be tiring, so why not spend the day in bed and surf around the internet..

A fresh new start

Things have changed a lot in my life these last 2 years so I decided to take down my old blog and start an entirely new one. So for all of you who don’t know yet: I am Marie, a 20 year old student currently living in the United Kingdom with a love for decorating, clothes and everything beautiful.

Maybe I should also explain the blog’s name as it’s not obvious for people who don’t know me very well. Like many girls, I used to be daddy’s princess and absolutely loved being at the centre of his attention. As the only daughter, he started calling me little principessa, which means as much as little princess in Italian. Although I am now 20, he still calls me that way and it makes me smile every single time he does so.

♡ Marie